Why former NFL star Olsen believes NFC still runs through 49ers

Why former NFL star Olsen believes NFC still runs through 49ers originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The 49ers have played in the NFC Championship Game four out of the past five seasons and NFL analyst Greg Olsen believes that trend will continue.

The NFL on FOX analyst shared his thoughts on the 49ers’ future while speaking with NBC Sports Bay Area last week during Tight End University, hosted by San Francisco star George Kittle and Kansas City Chiefs All-Pro Travis Kelce.

“Until proven otherwise you have to imagine the conference goes through them,” Olsen said. “Obviously being in the Super bowl six months ago, five months ago, you can argue that they are just going to continually get better, keeping a lot of those pieces together, especially the stars.”

The 49ers extended running back Christian McCaffrey earlier this offseason and previously signed wide receiver Deebo Samuel, left tackle Trent Williams and Kittle to long-term contracts because quarterback Brock Purdy remains on his team-friendly rookie deal for one more season. The play-caller’s $1 million yearly salary barely makes a dent towards San Francisco’s salary cap.

“They’ve got Brock on a rookie contract for at least another year, which is super helpful for all these other guys,” Olsen said. “So it aligns for them very well. We’ve spent all this time just talking about their offense and obviously there are a couple of good players on the defense that I think are going to be OK too.”

The 49ers also have locked up linebacker Fred Warner and edge rusher Nick Bosa to extensions in recent years. The former tight end believes having a plethora of talent on both sides of the ball makes the 49ers the team to beat again in 2024.

“It’s as talented of a roster as there is in the NFL,” Olsen said. “They are paying their quarterback relatively nothing compared to the market and they have arguably the best coach and the best scheme. So they have all the boxes checked, and until someone prove otherwise, the NFC still feels like a San Francisco race.”

Olsen said the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles could challenge the 49ers but both team have to do a lot to knock the defending NFC champs off of their perch. That will be tough to do, especially in 2024, when much of the San Francisco roster remains the same.

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