Randall Cobb and family ‘lucky to be alive’ after fire causes serious damage to Nashville home

NFL wide receiver Randall Cobb and his wife, Aiyda, posted on Instagram Wednesday that “we are lucky to be alive” after the family escaped a fire at their home in Nashville, Tennessee.

According to Aiyda Cobb’s Instagram story, a Tesla charger caught on fire in their garage and spread quickly.

“We are lucky to be alive. … We got out of the house with nothing but the clothes on our back and no shoes on our feet,” Aiyda Cobb wrote.

In the joint statement posted by the Cobbs, they thanked the Nashville Fire Department “for their swift action” and for helping rescue the family dog, Louie.

“I can’t get the image of the brave firefighter getting into position out of my head; he didn’t even have water to shoot yet. I truly thought the cars were going to explode and that we would lose him to this tragedy. He is a true hero,” the Cobbs wrote. “Unfortunately we don’t know how much, if anything, will be salvageable, but this has been a reminder that nothing is more important than the health of our family.

“We are grateful for our incredible community in Nashville, and the support from our close friends that have given us a temporary roof over our heads and shoulders to lean on.”

The Cobbs have three children.

The joint Instagram post by the Cobbs included videos of burned cars and the level of damage to their garage.

Randall Cobb, 33, is currently a free agent. He spent the 2023 NFL season with the New York Jets. He has played 10 years with the Green Bay Packers and one season each with the Houston Texans and Dallas Cowboys.

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