PFT’s Week 18 2023 NFL picks, Florio vs. Simms

Through 256 games, it’s all knotted up.

After we each went 12-4 last week, we’re 160-96-0.

In the last week before the playoffs, we disagree on three games straight up. That means one of us will win the regular-season crown.

For all picks made by Simms and me for Week 18, scroll on.

Steelers (-4) at Ravens

The Steelers are playing for a playoff spot. The Ravens might be content to let them in, instead of the Bills.

Florio: Steelers, 20-10.

Simms: Steelers, 20-17.

Texans (-1) at Colts

We finally get to see C.J. Stroud in primetime. That’s bad news for the Colts.

Florio: Texans, 20-17.

Simms: Texans, 27-20.

Buccaneers (-4.5) at Panthers

The Bucs need a touchdown celebration that pays homage to Panthers owner David Tepper throwing a drink.

Florio: Buccaneers, 24-7.

Simms: Buccaneers, 21-10.

Browns at Bengals (-7)

The Bengals are playing to win. The Browns are treating Week 18 like a bye.

Florio: Bengals, 24-10.

Simms: Bengals, 17-13.

Vikings at Lions (-3.5)

An injury or two could make the Lions regret not calling off the dogs for Week 18.

Florio: Lions, 27-20.

Simms: Lions, 28-24.

Jets at Patriots (-2)

This could be Bill Belichick’s last game with the Patriots. That possibility means it should be an easy win.

Florio: Patriots, 24-10.

Simms: Patriots, 17-10.

Falcons at Saints (-3)

The Saints continue to be just good enough to just miss the playoffs.

Florio: Saints, 30-23.

Simms: Falcons, 23-20.

Jaguars (-5) at Titans

They’re getting it together in time for another division title.

Florio: Jaguars, 20-14.

Simms: Jaguars, 24-20.

Seahawks (-2.5) at Cardinals

The Cardinals are laying the foundation for an interesting 2024.

Florio: Cardinals, 27-24.

Simms: Cardinals, 27-24.

Bears at Packers (-3)

Can Jordan Love do what Aaron Rodgers failed to do last year?

Florio: Packers, 24-20.

Simms: Bears, 24-17.

Chiefs at Chargers (-3.5)

Not even the Chargers’ Superfan cares about this one.

Florio: Chargers, 21-17.

Simms: Chiefs,17-14.

Broncos at Raiders (-3)

Sean Payton is determined to finish above .500.

Florio: Broncos, 24-20.

Simms: Broncos, 24-17.

Eagles (-5) at Giants

The Eagles need to stabilize things before the playoffs start.

Florio: Eagles, 27-17.

Simms: Eagles, 27-24.

Rams at 49ers (-4)

The 49ers’ starters (other than Brock Purdy) will play long enough to make a difference.

Florio: 49ers, 28-21.

Simms: 49ers, 21-16.

Cowboys (-4) at Commanders

The No. 2 seed is in reach. It’s hard to imagine the Cowboys blowing it now.

Florio: Cowboys, 38-21.

Simms: Cowboys, 34-20.

Bills (-3) at Dolphins

Both teams have had their struggles. For Miami, the injuries and last week’s blowout in Baltimore might be too much to overcome.

Florio: Bills, 28-20.

Simms: Bills, 27-21.

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