NFL 2024 season – Carolina Panthers team preview

Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz and Frank Schwab discuss if the Panthers have put enough support around Bryce Young for the team to succeed in 2024 and if Dave Canales is the answer in Carolina.

Video Transcript

My one big thing for the Carolina Panthers is did they do enough to help Bryce Young?

And I think the answer might be yes.

Look, they realized they put him in a bad position last year.

Bryce Young did not play well, but how much of that was him?

How much of that was just the situation surrounding him?

So they did some work this off season, paid a lot of money in two starting guards.

Robert Hunt, Damian Lewis, that really helps the interior of the line, which helps when you have a short quarterback.

The New Orleans Saints did that for years with Drew Brees.

They went out, they traded for Deonte Johnson, they went out and in the draft, you get a, a running back and Jonathan Brooks, you get Xavier Leggett in a first rounder.

Receiver Javon Sanders, I think is a really good tight end.

And also you make a hire and Dave Canalis, their head coach who really helped Baker Mayfield last year.

He Baker Mayfield revived his career and they have to think that Dave Canalis can do something similar for Bryce Young.

The Panthers at this point in the off-season are the one team whose win total has moved up, they went from 4.5 to 5.5 at Bet MGM.

And I can kind of understand the reasoning there saying the Panthers, yes, they were 15 last year.

They were awful, but they’ve done a lot to help Bryce Young.

And now we kind of get to see is Bryce Young, that dude, you traded up for him, you drafted him first overall.

You didn’t give him a chance in year one.

You really don’t know what you have with him.

Your two should give us better answers because they have put talent around him now.

Yeah, I, I agree with that.

I think the offensive line talent was particularly important too for Carolina and look, nothing’s gonna change the fact that price show is gonna be forever judged by what CJ Stroud does.

So C CJ Strout continues to just descend.

It only puts more and more pressure on Bryce Young to become a competent starting quarterback as quickly as possible.

And, and, and I think we just got to remember the revisionist history that’s happening right now.

Uh, there were, there were questions about the size of Bryce but virtually nothing else was questioned by anybody.

So, let’s see now, if they’ve got the right pieces in place to put around him to make him successful.

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