How much money will the 2024 Copa America winner earn?

Beyond the pride of winning the oldest national team tournament in the world, and becoming the best team on an entire continent, the champion of the 2024 Copa America will also take home a healthy amount of money.

The tournament, which was first played in 1916, will have its 48th edition from 20 June to 14 July in the United States, with 16 teams looking to become the champion of the competition.

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Argentina‘s national team comes into the tournament as the defending champions, alongside world powers Brazil and Uruguay, as well as some challenging sides such as Colombia, Chile, the USMNT and Mexico.

In a summer when sport will be in the global spotlight with the European Championship, the Copa America and of course the Olympic Games in Paris, the US will be the focus of attention for this continental tournament.

The European Championship and Copa America will define the best team in each of the two regions of the world, and while financially speaking there is no comparison between UEFA and CONMEBOL, in the end it is all about the pride of winning and being called the best team in their respective continent.

How much money does the Copa America champion win?

The South American Football Confederation (Conmebol) will pay out a total of $72 million dollars to the 16 teams that will be going for the title in the tournament, of which each team will get $2 million for simply competing.

As they advance through the rounds, the prize money will get even juicier, until the tournament’s top four teams are determined in the semi-finals.

The losers of that round will play a match for third place; the winner of that game will go home with $5 million to the loser’s $4 million.

For the runner-up of the Copa America 2024 there will be a prize money of $7 million dollars, while the champion will be able to enjoy a profit of $16 million dollars, which will be distributed among players, coaching staff, and of course, a good part goes to the coffers of the respective national federation.

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