Work week ends without Falcons, Eagles tampering punishment

On Sunday, Adam Schefter of reported that the punishments of the Falcons (for tampering with Kirk Cousins) and Eagles (for tampering with Saquon Barkley) were “likely to come this week.”

The work week has ended. Unless there’s a Saturday announcement, it’s not happening.

In fairness to Schefter, he said “likely” not definite. Also, it wouldn’t be the first time that plans deliberately changed after word of a coming announcement leaked.

Whatever the reason(s) for the action(s) not being taken, there’s no looming deadline. If the punishment will be 2025 draft picks, this doesn’t need to be done until April of next year.

Regardless of the timing, last weekend’s report carried a fairly strong indication that both teams were going to be whacked. With the Falcons getting it worse than the Eagles.

So whether it’s today or next week or next month or next March, it’s coming. We’ll see what the punishments are — and we’ll see how transparent the league will be about the evidence and the investigation.

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