What can we expect from the 2024 Dallas Cowboys? | Yahoo Fantasy Football Show

Matt Harmon and Frank Schwab discuss the similarities and differences between the 2023 and 2024 Dallas Cowboys and how the team will fare with new defensive coordinator, Mike Zimmer. Hear the full conversation on the “Yahoo Fantasy Football Show” podcast – and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript

Frank, tell me how the Cowboys are better this year than they were last year.

I don’t think you can do it.

No, I can’t, but that’s fine because they were really good.

This is lazy, but I assume they’re gonna be the exact same team we’ve seen, they’re gonna win like 11 or 12 games, either finish first or second in the NFC S depending on if the Eagles rebound and they’re gonna get to January and they’re gonna lose in the playoffs and not make the NFC championship game.

But I, I just, I don’t think this team’s ever winning a Super Bowl or even making a Super Bowl.

There’s just something there that’s holding them back.

So, but I still think they’re gonna be good.

Do you think there’s gonna be a big fall off here?

They’re worse at running back.

Um, yeah, Tony Pollard didn’t have a great season but they’re worse at running back.

Um, I don’t know that they’re better on the offensive line just by swapping, you know, first round Tyler Guyton Tyron Smith that we all know their injury concerns, but he did play well and, and played for most of the games last year.

Um That’s that the wide receiver room like they’re just running it back from last year without Michael gallop.

Like is Jalen Tolbert a plus starter for them in three receiver sets.

Brandon Cooks is another year older.

Like I don’t think he’s a true needle mover at this point.

They’re gonna build the whole offense of the C out of CD Lamb, which I’ve been saying for years before they started doing it that they should do it.

What if it takes a little bit for Mike Zimmer who is a totally different style of coach than Dan Quinn, right?

Dan Quinn is very much like a be who you are, you know, like, just like a much more of a player’s coach than, than sure as hell Mike Zimmer is.

Um so to me, there’s enough questions here beyond just the normal Dallas questions about like, are they, can they win in the playoffs?

Plus there’s the Dak Prescott, you know, contract drama, there’s CD Lamb, contract drama, there’s Micah Parsons, you know, drama like Molly Cooker saying like, I don’t know if players should be doing podcasts on a podcast.

Um I guess, you know, they get Trayvon Diggs back, which is nice that, that should certainly help.

But there’s just to me, I think a lot more questions about Dallas than maybe, especially just on the offensive side of the football than we’re maybe giving it credit for

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