USMNT legend Tim Howard claims he can convince Jurgen Klopp to coach the United States

If you stop for a second and think about the potential new destinations for Jurgen Klopp’s next coaching gig, there aren’t many countries where he would actually fit. The language barrier with German coaches tends to be important, especially for those who speak a Latin-based language. Klopp said he needed to take some time off and not think about football for a while. But United States National Team fans are urging to get the proper manager who can help them have a decent showing at the 2026 World Cup that will have American stadiums at the forefront. There is one United States legend who believes he has what it takes to lure Jurgen Klopp to the team.

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Enter Tim Howard’s proposal

During a recent op-ed for Mail Online, former USMNT goalkeeper Tim Howard wrote a peoposal to convince Klopp that his best option is the U.S. He writes:”I am willing to help my country in any way I can. Proud to serve. So if I was in charge of US Soccer right now, I’d be on my way to the airport. Why? Because I believe I could make a very compelling argument to Jurgen Klopp to take over the US Men’s National Team. After the disappointment of Copa America, after the United States lost to Uruguay and exited at the group stages, I will personally fly to Spain. I mean it. I know Klopp has only been retired a few weeks and I know he wants a break. But if we sat around his villa in Spain, I think I could lure him over here. 100 percent.”

This op-ed also goes into details of how painful the Copa America elimination was for Howard but US Soccer has to reach out to him and get things in motion. Howard alluded to Jurgen Klopp’s statements that he felt tired of the grind in European football. Coaches over there are constantly engaged on a day-to-day bases during the regular season. They only really get a few weeks of rest. Plus, Klopp has reached an age where he has already won everything he can at a club level and even made history with Liverpool. Any manager will tell you that coaching national teams are sort of a retirement job. And for Klopp, perhaps the USMNT could be a perfect option because the infrastructure and the money is already there. Would he take Tim up on his offer?

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