Udinese-Milan match stopped due to racist insults directed at Mike Maignan

A new racist scandal is shaking soccer, this time in Serie A. The Udinese versus AC Milan match was temporarily suspended after goalkeeper Mike Maignan was the target of a racial attack.

Referee Fabio Maresca warned the crowd over the public address system and after half an hour, Maignan had enough. The French international took off his gloves and headed to the locker room until his teammates convinced him to return.

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The match was interrupted for about five minutes as the referee warned the crowd he would suspend the game for good if more monkey noises were heard.

With the ball in play, the choruses, insults and shouts against Maignan turned into a resounding whistle every time the goalkeeper touched the ball.

Condemnation from AC Milan and Serie A

“In our game there is absolutely no place for racism: we are appalled. We are with you, Mike. #WeRespAct,” Milan wrote in a statement.

“Lega Serie A condemns every form of racism,” wrote the league’s leadership, also on X.

“I heard someone making ‘monkey’ noises, I said we can’t play soccer like that. It’s not the first time it’s happened to me,” Maignan said. “They are ignorant people, not everyone… but something like that shouldn’t happen in soccer. We are a family.”

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