Tom Brady shares valuable advice to Drake Maye, 2024 NFL rookies

Tom Brady shares valuable advice to Drake Maye, 2024 NFL rookies originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

NFL rookies go through different offseason programs/events to help them transition from the collegiate ranks to the pros.

Part of that process is learning from retired players, and who better to get advice from, especially if you’re a quarterback, than seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady?

The former New England Patriots quarterback recently spoke to several 2024 rookies at a recent event. Brady also was joined by hip-hop mogul Jay-Z and Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin, who also provided words of wisdom.

Brady’s advice was great.

“Every day of practice is important,” Brady said. “You know why? Because when I was on the Patriots and we had 20 years of winning, every day was a big day. I treated a preseason game, I treated a regular-season game like it was the Super Bowl. So, when I got to the Super Bowl, it was just another day for me.”

The top three picks from the 2024 NFL Draft — Caleb Williams, Jayden Daniels and Drake Maye — were among the rookies who attended this event.

Brady also had advice for players regarding social media.

“When you have 53 guys on the team and you think it’s about you, it ain’t about you – it’s about us,” Brady said. “And the biggest problem I see with a lot of the young players today: You guys are making it too much about I and me because of social media, because of branding and all that. It’s fine. You’re not going to win. …

“There was a difference between being a star and being a champion.”

Brady obviously had incredible football talent, but some of the most important aspects of his skill set that separated him from other great players were his mental toughness, football IQ, work ethic and preparedness. You can’t just win on talent, there are many other factors required for success.

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