The prison nightmare of the drug trafficker convicted of smuggling 1,370kg of cocaine: There are r*pes on a daily basis

Former Sevilla and Ajax standout, Quincy Promes, finds himself entangled in a nightmarish scenario far removed from the football fields where he once shone.

The 32-year-old Spartak Moscow player is currently incarcerated in Dubai’s Al Aweer prison, following a conviction for trafficking an astonishing 1,363kg of cocaine, valued at over 76.1 million euros, in addition to serving 18 months for a stabbing incident at a family gathering.

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Al Aweer prison, where Promes is held, paints a bleak picture of daily life behind bars. Crammed into a cell designed for six but housing twenty, Promes and his cellmates endure harsh conditions.

Reports from ‘De Telegraaf’ and insights from John van den Heuvel highlight the alarming regularity of sexual assaults within the facility, compounded by a scant security presence and the discomfort caused by excessive air conditioning.

“It seems that rapes are taking place in this prison on a daily basis, as there are few guards to carry out surveillance services,” Van den Heuvel wrote.

“Prisoners spend their time in a cold and noisy environment due to the strong air conditioning.”

The prisoners, including four other Dutch nationals and individuals of various backgrounds grappling with drug addiction, navigate this hostile environment under constant vigilance, with punitive measures for those who defy the prison’s grooming standards.

Promes‘ ordeal underscores the stark contrast between his past life of luxury and his current predicament. His request for extradition to Russia signifies a desperate bid to escape the harrowing conditions of Dubai’s penal system.

The uncertainty surrounding his extradition process, detailed by his Dutch legal team, further complicates Promes‘ situation. With the procedure potentially being drawn out and fraught with legal complexities, the future remains uncertain for the once-celebrated athlete.

A career overshadowed

Quincy Promes‘ journey from football stardom to a prison cell serves as a somber reminder of how quickly fortunes can change.

His remarkable career, marked by 50 appearances for the Netherlands national team and a peak transfer value of $26 million, now faces the overshadowing cloud of his legal troubles.

Despite his legal team’s efforts to appeal the convictions and navigate the intricacies of international law, the gravity of Promes‘ crimes and the subsequent fallout raises critical questions about accountability, redemption, and the delicate balance between public persona and private actions.

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