St. Louis crowd greets Tom Brady with boos

People don’t forget.

Even in St. Louis, where the locals currently hate the Rams, the fans still have a sore spot regarding the lingering perception that New England‘s win in Super Bowl XXXVI was tainted by chicanery.

And so, when Patriots quarterback Tom Brady returned to St. Louis on Sunday to present the UFL Championship MVP award to Birmingham Stallions quarterback Adrian Martinez, St. Louis fans responded.

Here’s one video, from X. (Maybe they can edit out the boos for the re-air.)

Before he presented the MVP trophy, Brady made a second-quarter appearance in the Fox broadcast booth. Before the game, Brady was chatting on the field with former Rams quarterback Kurt Warner, who has said in the past that there’s a “sliver of doubt” as to whether the Patriots were up to something in connection with what would have been the second St. Louis championship in three seasons.

Brady had better get used to being booed. His Patriots ran roughshod over the league for years. There’s a lot of resentment still lingering.

And when Brady goes to Buffalo, they might have something other than boos ready for him.

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