Sean McVay: Blake Corum and Kyren Williams have a lot of similarities

The Rams used a third-round draft pick on Michigan running back Blake Corum on Friday night, and coach Sean McVay thinks Corum is a perfect pairing with the Rams’ current starting running back.

Kyren Williams, who led the Rams with 1,144 rushing yards last season, plays the game the same way Corum does, according to McVay.

“One of the things that jumped off is there’s a lot of traits that reminded me of Kyren Williams,” McVay said. “Obviously I love Kyren and he’s been so important, and just the human being, but then also when you just look at the way he works at it, the production and the things that he was able to bring to our offense last year, and even really some of the things that he worked through his rookie year. I think there’s a lot of similarities.”

McVay believes Williams will be a “great mentor” for Corum, and that the Rams have the 1-2 punch they want in their backfield.

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