Sean McDermott: Age and injury are real, but you never count out a player like Von Miller

Bills coach Sean McDermott believes pass rusher Von Miller, even at age 35 and after a tough recovery from a torn ACL, still has plenty to offer.

McDermott said on former Bills center Eric Wood’s podcast that Miller wasn’t completely recovered from his torn ACL last season, but that this season the Bills are optimistic about what he can do.

“First year off an ACL is an uphill climb,” McDermott said. “Now we’re into the second year off the injury, excited to see what he can do, how he’s moving and how he’s gonna impact our team. You never count a player or a person like Von Miller out. I know some people would say age and the injury, and that’s real, but you’re talking about a guy also, and this is where the hope comes from, a guy that’s going to be in the Hall of Fame, he’s got an incredible mindset, and he, I think, has something to prove, and I think he would say that. We’re excited about seeing how that all fleshes out over the course of the next couple months.”

It’s not realistic to think Miller at age 35 is going to be the elite pass rusher he was a decade ago, but after he didn’t record a single sack last year, the Bills are optimistic that he can bring more to the table than he did a year ago.

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