Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney's plan to take Kelce brothers and Taylor Swift to a Wrexham game

NFL stars Travis and Jason Kelce, alongside Travis‘s girlfriend Taylor Swift, received an intriguing invitation from actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney to attend an AFC Wrexham game, offering them an opportunity to delve into the world of soccer.

The invitation came during Reynolds and McElhenney‘s appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show” on Wednesday, where the two men extended the offer to the Kelce brothers and Swift.

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Reynolds and McElhenney, who each hold ownership stakes in the Welsh club, are eager to share their passion for soccer, or as they call it, “the other football,” with the NFL stars and the music icon.

“I know for sure that the Kelce brothers are coming out to a game, so…” Reynolds and McElhenney responded when asked if they’re trying to lure Swift to an AFC Wrexham game.

“See, that’s our back door plan. That’s how you lure the Queen Bee.”

A promise to host Jason in Wales

This isn’t the first time these pairs have crossed paths. The connection between them began when Jason Kelce made headlines after discussing Welsh people on their popular podcast, “New Heights.”

His remarks, which went viral, led to a social media backtrack where he admitted his mistake and apologized for his misconceptions about the Welsh.

In response to Jason‘s apology, Rob McElhenney graciously extended an invitation to show him around, offering him the chance to experience Welsh culture firsthand.

“I should show you around someday,” he noted.

“I might know a few people. See for yourself.”

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