Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman support Spain in the EURO 2024

The Spanish National Team is on the semifinals of the Euros. They will face France this Tuesday to accomplish the objective to earn a ticket to the final next Sunday, in Berlin.

Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are the main characters in the new movie ‘Deadpool’, which aspires to be a big success in this European country. They made an appearance in the Spanish National TV (RTVE) to show their support for the game Spain play against France tomorrow.

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman appear in the Spanish National TV

Reynolds tried to trick the Spanish host Marcos Hefner by introducing himself and Hugh with other actors names: I am Ryan Gosling and he is Hugh Hefner”.

Jackman also had time for jokes and said that the English National Team invited him to play for them at the semifinals: “Everyone knows that England is in the semifinals and they want a bit of height, so I will play for them”.

By other hand, Reynolds surprised everyone by supporting Spain: “I support Spain all the way, 110%. If I did not, I will not get sponsored (jokes). I am excited for Spain because it is said that what they are doing is very big and some did not expect it”.

Big football investment

Reminder that Ryan Reynolds with Rob McElhenney are owners of Wrexham AFC. They have achieved two consecutive promotions in the last years (they will play in the third division this upcoming season). Although he is passionate about British football, he will support Spain.

Finally, they sent a warm message to every Spaniard: “For everyone in Spain, I know how nervous and excited you are and this will be a hell of a semifinal against France… Viva Espaa. We are very excited for you guys” they said.

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