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Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson discusses the potential awkward situation developing for the Pittsburgh Steelers with QBs Russell Wilson and Justin Fields. Hear the full conversation on the “Zero Blitz” podcast – and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript

Listen, Pittsburgh, I know right now the Russell Wilson Justin Fields saying, ok, hey, it’s all happy.

Hey, they’re out on the field together, they’re throwing, you know, uh, there’s going to be all this talk about what fields can learn from Russell Wilson, who’s that veteran and, you know, like Russ is the starter, he’s the unquestioned starter that’s coming from inside the organization.

It feels like there’s all these efforts right now to push past any idea that this could be awkward or problematic as time rolls on.

But here’s the thing.

You have two quarterbacks right now, neither anchored to any kind of contractual coverage in 2025.

These are two guys who want deals, they want, they want money, ok?

They want to know they’re gonna have a starting spot in 2025 and beyond.

And that’s not just Russ, it’s, it’s Justin Fields who’s sitting there and has admitted, hey, I’m here to compete.

Like I’m as much as the organization is sitting there saying, you know, Russ is the guy, this is the setup.

We, we know how we want this.

I think what ultimately is gonna end up happening in Pittsburgh if it goes the way the organization wants it, Russ will be the unquestioned starter, but Fields will get some red zone snaps and they’ll work out some packages to try and take advantage of him and get him on the football field.

But you can’t tell me there’s not going to be an element of awkwardness there because Justin Fields absolutely wants to be able to play himself into a starting level opportunity in 2025 and beyond whether that’s with the Steelers or not.

And Russell Wilson is in the same situation when he feels that kid coming and pushing and there might be any kind of an issue in the locker room over like, hey, are there are, there are choosing sides, is Russ playing well enough to hold this job?

I do think there’s a set up there in Pittsburgh for potential awkwardness.

Just remember this when we’re in like October, November and maybe things aren’t going as well as people.

And one last thing I would inject into this, there’s also a wide receiver named George Pickens who is going to be looking to start contract extension talks next off season.

What typically happens with any wide receiver?

Let’s just take out George Pickens history with any wide receiver who could be going into an off season for a contract extension talks where things aren’t going perfectly at quarterback and they’re not getting fed the football.

So now you have a third person who’s injected into the middle of this mix whose career moving forward and extension potential after the 2024 season is dependent upon the quarterback.

You can’t tell me that Pickens isn’t going to sit there and go.

This guy gives me the chance to get that bag this summer.

I am absolutely going to back this guy.

Now tell me which guy that is.

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