Relegation drama haunts Mexico's Cesar Montes: His second in a row in LaLiga

Cesar Montes is unfortunately living his second consecutive relegation from LaLiga Santander as Almeria succumbed to the drop in an embarrassing season that saw the club win just one game from 33 attempts, collecting only 14 points.

In fact, if you doubled their points total they would still be three points behind Celta Vigo in 17th but the drop isn’t something that the Mexican midfielder is unfamiliar with, as he experienced it a year ago with Espanyol.

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Back then, it was unexpected relegated and after a very busy summer with many doubts, he left for Almeria to become the most expensive signing in the club’s history where he’s had some deja vu.

The 3-1 defeat definitively condemned them to relegation to the second division mathematically on a tremendously hard day for everyone. Montes was a starter but left the field in the 80th minute when the game was realistically over.

Montes has gone from strength to strength during the season, being one of their shining lights after many problems due to various circumstances, both due to injuries and trips with the national team, at the start of the campaign.

Little by little he became an indispensable player but things have not gone as expected. Signed to a long contract with Almeria, now he will have to wait to see what happens with his future, but it is also possible that he will remain there to try to return to LaLiga.

Of course, bad luck has taken its toll on the Mexican central defender, as he has been relegated twice in a row with both Espanyol and Almeria. Now he can only look forward, finish the season well and try to reverse the situation of his club next year, as long as he stays at Almeria.

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