Real Madrid legend nears MLS: Will he play with Messi or against him?

Sergio Ramos continues to evaluate what to do with his future. He has been mulling it over for months and it is increasingly clear to him that his destination for next season will be the United States.

The year he has played at Sevilla, even though he may consider it remarkable on an individual level, has fallen far short of his expectations on a global level, and he fears that the downward slope of the team has only just begun.

Messi and Surez guide the herons’ victory I Inter Miami 6-2 NY Res Bulls I Highlights I MLS

With that in mind, he is now opting for an exotic adventure, in a league of a lower level but with a bigger salary. A golden retirement in the United States (San Diego is mooted as a strong possibility) after his brother and agent, Rene Ramos, made several trips to assess the list of potential clubs, also considering the Ramos family.

Ramos signed for Sevilla without thinking beyond this season. It was a team that had just won another European title, playing in the Champions League and with the potential and intention of continuing to grow.

A poor year at Sevilla

Everything went wrong from the beginning, and the year, already tainted with poor performances in LaLiga, has ended up tipping the balance in Ramos‘ mind.

The defender has also failed to feel a real attachment to the club itself, with the club having not even arranged a meeting to discuss their concerns on whether or not the veteran wants to continue as a Sevillista.

The fact the club must greatly reduce its wage bill also clashes with a possible salary increase for Ramos. The door to another year at Sevilla has not even opened, with MLS rubbing its hands together.

In the United States, he will be a franchise player for some team, allowing him to receive a salary well above the average. He has shown at Sevilla that his physical and footballing level still allows him to compete at the highest level.

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