PSG reportedly still owes millions to Kylian Mbappe for unpaid wages and bonuses

A new and troubling report that involves Kylian Mbappe and Paris Saint-Germain just dropped and the Ligue 1 club apparently owes the player about $110 million. French journal L’Equipe reports that the player hasn’t been paid a dime of his salary since the month of April. As a protocol measure, Mbappe’s legal team decided to send a PSG a formal notice that is demanding the entire sum to be paid. This amount is what the contract stipulated in wages and bonuses. Even though the club’s questionable practices have been documnted throughout the years, they had never missed on any of their payments with players. Today, that changed amid the rift between Kylian Mbappe and PSG.

PSG’s history of player mistreatment

As one of the relatively new rich clubs in world football, Paris Saint-Germain has a history of not treating their players well when they have issues with them. If we go down memory lane, players like Marco Verratti, Thiago Silva, or Adrien Rabiot were all subject of scrutiny. What is worst is that PSG has often used the club’s ultras to intimidate players who want to leave the club. Before matches, the club has seen how their ultras have insulted many of these players and never done a thing to stop this behavior. And the PSG ultras are notoriously violent, but the club used this to their advantage against their own players.

When it was clear Kylian Mbappe wasn’t going to continue playing for the club, it was evident that questionable behavior from the higher ranks of the club could be expected. One of the main concerns is that PSG is no longer able to pay that much money to their players because the owner has essentially spent billions signing players and trying to keep them at bay. As a result, the club still hasn’t won the UEFA Champions League and now these reports are starting to emerge. Another important chapter of these disagreements between club and players is the way in which PSG ended their relationship with Leo Messi.

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