Perspective | In praise of ‘The Bad Batch,’ the most Star Wars Star Wars project ever

You won’t find much consensus if you ask Star Wars fans which movie or project feels like the definitive expression of the franchise. “The Empire Strikes Back” is the most loved film, true, but it hardly captures the breadth of a universe that includes 11 movies, 14 TV shows, and countless novels, comic books and more. “Return of the Jedi” has the Ewoks going for it; on the other hand … it has the Ewoks. “Star Wars,” from 1977, started it all; George Lucas’s 2005 prequel, “Revenge of the Sith,” works for dark-side enthusiasts, and Hayden Christensen stands. There are a few sequel trilogy truthers out there, as well as some die-hard “Rogue One” supporters. Others point to the animated show “The Clone Wars” or “Star Wars Rebels” as their favorite.

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