Patrick Queen goes from wanting to fight Mike Tomlin to playing for him

At his introductory press conference after signing with the Steelers, linebacker Patrick Queen acknowledged he hasn’t always had warm feelings toward the folks in Pittsburgh.

Queen, who has spent his entire career with the Ravens, recalled a moment during his rookie season when Steelers coach Mike Tomlin told Queen that he wasn’t really a Raven until he’s beaten the Steelers.

“I wanted to fight him right then and there,” Queen said.

Queen and Tomlin didn’t fight, and now they’ll be on the same side when the Steelers play the Ravens twice in 2024.

“It’s going to be weird, but I want to be the villain,” Queen said. “I want to be that guy.”

Queen said that Tomlin’s presence is one of the biggest reasons he signed with the Steelers, as despite the words they have exchanged as rivals, Queen has a great deal of respect for Tomlin as a coach. Their days as rivals are over.

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