Packers’ Christian Watson, Eric Stokes worked with hamstring specialists this offseason

Packers wide receiver Christian Watson and cornerback Eric Stokes have both suffered multiple hamstring injuries in their brief NFL careers. This offseason, they saw specialists in an attempt to fix their ongoing problems.

Along with members of the Packers’ training staff, Watson and Stokes went to Badger Athletic Performance, which in 2021 received a $4 million grant from the NFL to study treatment and prevention of hamstring injuries. According to, Watson and Stokes underwent high-tech testing that found that asymmetries in their leg strength could be contributing to their hamstring problems.

Watson said he and Stokes have adjusted their training and feel the difference in spring workouts.

“At this level of any sport, I think you gotta know your body,” Watson said. “Just to be able to learn about it and understand how everything works has helped me a lot in terms of what I’m doing. I’m not just doing it because they’re telling me. I’m doing it because I understand what it’s going to do for me.”

Packers coach Matt LaFleur said both Watson and Stokes “look like they’re probably in the best shape I’ve seen either one of them.” Keeping them in good shape for the entire 2024 season would be a big win for the Packers.

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