NFL 2024 season – Tampa Bay Buccaneers team preview

Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz and Frank Schwab discuss the effect of coordinators leaving teams and how Dave Canales’ departure will affect the Buccaneers this season. Listen and subscribe to the “Zero Blitz” podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript

All right.

So where are you on Tampa Bay?

They’re up next on your one big thing.

I just wonder, look, this happened with the Eagles.

So my one big thing for the Buccaneers is how much do they miss Dave Canalis?

And let me go back to the Eagles.

They come off a Super Bowl, they lose both coordinators sti and again and we just kind of overlooked it, right.

Like, oh, well, no big deal, Ceriani is still there.

He’ll figure it out and they really miss their coordinators.

And I think that’s the one thing in all this crazy NFL analysis that we do and we talk about it all off season 12 months, three or 65 days a year, we don’t spend enough time saying maybe losing their coordinator is a big deal.

Dave Canalis had an awesome season for the Buccaneers last year.

I think he’s a main reason that Mike Evans still was able to crank out another great 1000 yard season.

Baker Mayfield obviously revived his career.

Canals goes to the Carolina Panthers.

He’s their head coach now and you just wonder how much does that affect everything they’re doing?

Liam Cohen.

Comes in from the University of Kentucky.

He’s only had one season as an NFL offensive coordinator that was with the Los Angeles Rams.

It didn’t go that great.

And, and he was, you know, I mean, Sean mcveigh obviously is, is the figurehead of that offense.

So we don’t know what to make of a new offensive coordinator and he’s replacing it guy who did everything right last year, especially with Baker Mayfield and rejuvenating him.

So I, I just wonder losing Dave Canals.

How much does that affect the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?


And, and I gotta wonder too what that means because earlier we talked about Gino.

Gino had a great year and then fell off a little bit like it’s pretty reasonable considering last year I kept making the cop to Baker and Gino for the breakout success and even for the contract, he got feels like there’s a lot of Geno cops.

If Baker takes a little Geno step back, then all of a sudden.

Yeah, like that, that’s where we’re gonna be.

So I think you’re, you’re spot on with Canalis, but also what’s that mean with Liam Cohen and Baker Mayfield getting together?

What’s that mean for Baker being comfortable in this offense like that?

That’s a variable.

That will absolutely, it will mean everything to the to Bucks.

And I gotta say again, like I think Tampa Bay is in a super winnable division, right?

So for all of these teams in a super winnable division.

They’re not necessarily great teams.

You just got to put it together, figure out how to win.

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