NFL 2024 season – New York Giants team preview

Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz and Frank Schwab discuss whether Daniel Jones can turn around the Giants and whether his play could cost HC Brian Daboll his job.

Video Transcript

Do you really want Daniel Jones to be the quarterback that has to save your job because I think that’s where the Giants are this year.

If Brian Dable and the Giants go off the rails, Brian Dable is gonna lose his job as the Giants head coach and part of it is gonna be because of Daniel Jones.

And look, I don’t think Daniel Jones is particularly bad.

I just don’t think he’s particularly good.

He has moments.

He’s a mediocre NFL quarterback and there are many teams that have a quarterback that falls into this category.

He can win you some games, probably gonna lose you some games, but not really the guy that lifts all time sinking ships around him and turns it into something epic.

That’s not Daniel Jones, right?

Like Daniel Jones is gonna be best case scenario.

He’s gonna be serviceable and I don’t know that serviceable is enough in New York to keep Del and that coaching staff employed.

So I think the big thing is can Daniel Jones save somebody’s job?

And to me, Frank, the answer to that is no.

Yeah, I’m kind of with you here.

I, I think we kind of both agree on.

Daniel Jones.

He’s just middle of the road.

I think that the Giants said a lot when they were trying to trade up to draft his replacement.

Uh, he kind of got stuck.

He couldn’t move up to number three where they probably would have drafted Drake May.

So, another year Daniel Jones, he has a shot to keep that job long term and I don’t think he could do it.

The question really becomes day ball and a guy won, he won NFL coach of the year two years ago.

I mean, and all of a sudden we’re talking about him being on a hot seat, but last season wasn’t good.

Like they just kind of fell apart.

It was almost like the, the, the bar he set his first year of Brian Day Ball making the playoffs, winning a playoff game almost works against him.

Now, the Giants weren’t that far along.

They just had a lot of lucky wins and they had a very fortunate first season with him.

He wins, coach of the year.

Then you come back and kind of everything gets exposed that the Giants aren’t they good?

And they’re not going to be good again this year.

So you just wonder and a lot of the, you know, Brian Day ball’s tirades on the sideline all of a sudden when that’s, oh, happy go lucky year one, he’s a fiery leader.

It’s not so cool in year two and you’re losing and everybody’s turning against you.

That market is tough.

I, I really don’t think Brian Day Ball is gonna be their coach in 2025.

As I sit here today, we’ll see *** with a lot of games.

Giants could exercise a pace, which would be good for them.

They liked them two years ago, obviously, but just based on how this is trending in that market and what you see out of the Giants this year.

Yeah, I, I think Brian Daba is, is, is in some trouble this year and you’re right, hitching your wagon to Daniel Jones isn’t necessarily the most comforting thing in the world.

We’re Dell is gonna be a heck of an offensive coordinator next year and Daniel Jones is gonna be a heck of a backup somewhere.

That’s the only way I see that this ends.

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