New EA college football game will have NFL players, too

EA is finally paying college football players to be in its new college football video games. It’s paying NFL Players, too.

Via Jordan Mendoza of USA Today, EA has struck a deal with the NFL Players Association to allow current NFL players to be included in the game.

Current NFL players, like former Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes, will be part of the ultimate team mode included in the new game. Other former college players now retired from football are included.

Ultimate team has been a major part of the Madden NFL franchise for several years. It allows users to create and upgrade teams with current and former NFL players, slowly improving the team into a juggernaut . . . unless the next version of the game comes out and you start all over again with a team that has a 59 rating.

The college version of ultimate team could be even more robust, since it adds current college players to the mix with former college players now in the NFL and retired NFL players.

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