Mike Vrabel: Losing f—ing sucks

The Jaguars will clinch the AFC South with a victory over the Titans on Sunday. But at the end of its worst season under head coach Mike Vrabel, Tennessee is unlikely to make it easy on the division-rival.

During his Tuesday press conference, Vrabel told reporters that the Titans need a win for a lot of reasons. Tennessean columnist Gentry Estes then followed up, asking if Vrabel would elaborate on those reasons.

But Vrabel had only one.

Because it sucks to lose, Gentry,” Vrabel said, via Chris Harris of WSMV. Vrabel paused as another reporter began to ask a question, but Vrabel then turned back to Estes. “Did you have another thought? I’m just curious. It fucking sucks — losing. Awful. That’s why I want to win.

“Because you don’t sleep. You want to win for the players that bust their tail — that’s it. I mean, it’s not about, ‘Hey, we’ll go into the offseason with a good note.’ Nobody knows what you did on January 7, or 8, or 6 in April when you come back [for the offseason program]. But, you want to see it all come together. Just put four quarters together, win a game like we talked about.”

Vrabel noted that the Titans have been “close” in situations this year. But the team needs to capitalize on more opportunities to finish.

“But I think that’s why. Just put yourself in a competitive situation,” Vrabel said. “Come up with a way to make a play in the second half to win the game. That’s what I hope for.

“Sorry about my language.”

There have been some positives in this 2023 Titans season, such as rookie quarterback Will Levis coming in and playing well in spurts. But Vrabel made it clear on Tuesday that this has been a frustrating season and he’d like to end the year without that awful feeling of a loss.

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