Messi's son, Mateo, scores spectacular hat-trick and social media explodes

Lionel Messi’s dynasty seems to be in good hands. It looks as if his son Mateo has inherited his father’s genes and his latest hat trick with Inter Miami is undoubtedly proof of that.

Mateo Messi goes viral with hat trick

After Messi signed with the MLS club, his sons were enrolled in the academy and that is exactly where Mateo is thriving in his formative years as a footballer.

Mateo Messi looks just like bhis father as he scores epic hat-trick for Inter Miami

The eight year-old kid beat opponents with his spectacular dribbling, as his father usually does.

The similarties are stark: the way he receives the ball and advances up the pitch like his dad is particularly eye-catching. Goal scoring comes naturally to him too, having already scored ten goals for the team.

One of the aspects that stood out in Mateo was that, unlike his father, he does strike the ball with his right foot.

Mateo has gained plenty of fans thanks to his exciting talent and impressive ball skills. The future is bright.

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