Messi madness in the mixed zone: more than 40 journalists and cameras hunting for him!

Argentina‘s No.10 is a magnet for cameras and microphones after every Copa America match and in Houston, following Argentina‘s dramatic passage to the semifinals, Leo Messi once again caused a frenzy among the accredited media.

Messi never hides; he always stops to talk, even after missing a penalty, and does so in several rounds to ensure all the press can ask him questions in the mixed zone.

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“I was convinced to take it like that (Panenka style). I had talked about it with Dibu, with Rulli,” Messi said.

“I had been shooting several normal penalties in a row, and the Ecuadorian goalkeeper indeed dived across. I wanted to chip it, but it went a bit off. It made me angry.”

Faith in ‘Dibu’ Martinez

“He is always there in these moments. He steps up. He had a lot of faith in the penalties, even joking with us before the match to stay calm if it went to penalties. He always has it in mind,” Messi continued.

Messi‘s willingness to engage with the media, regardless of the match outcome, underscores his leadership and commitment to the team, even in moments of personal frustration.

His comments highlight the confidence and camaraderie within the Argentine squad, especially the pivotal role of goalkeeper Emiliano ‘Dibu’ Martnez in high-pressure situations.

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