Messi bodyguard Yassine Chueko's wild workout intimidates fans

Since Lionel Messi arrived in MLS and signed with Inter Miami, he has caused a huge stir wherever he goes, with huge crowds filling the stadiums as they look to get a closer look at the 8-time Ballon d’Or winner.

In light of this, Inter Miami has taken extraordinary measures to ensure the safety of the former Barcelona player, as during the games of the Herons and even the Argentina national team, his personal bodyguard can be seen on the field keeping an eye on La Pulga, mainly trying to prevent any fan who jumps on the field from approaching him.

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Yassine Chueko’s training

His bodyguard has been identified as Yassine Chueko, and although it was initially reported that he is a Navy Seal veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the truth is that this was later proven to be false. However, Chueko reportedly practices mixed martial arts at a professional level.

A training video of Chueko recently went viral, and in it he shows off his great skill and enormous musculature, confirming that he is an imposing figure who has become Lionel Messi’s shadow since his arrival in the United States.

Cheuko is in charge of guarding Messi on match days, waiting for him at the exit of the bus when Inter Miami travels to matches.

One particular example of the importance of his work was seen when Miami faced LAFC last October, when a pitch invader tried to chase Messi. The bodyguard quickly ran to the incident and was able to intercept the fan, before putting him in a headlock.

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