Maurice Hurst says Browns are the Eagles’ opponent in Brazil Week One

The NFL announced before the Super Bowl that the Eagles will be the home team for the league’s Week One game in Brazil. One Browns player says the Browns will be the visiting team.

Browns defensive tackle Maurice Hurst made the statement while appearing on the team’s Cleveland Browns Daily Show.

“We’re playing in Brazil this year,” Hurst said.

That wasn’t treated as any kind of breaking news or official announcement, but more as something those who work for the team are already well aware of. Officially, the NFL has not announced who the Eagles’ opponent will be.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that the Browns will be the team that faces the Eagles in Brazil. A month ago, Peter King wrote that he’s “Feeling good about Cleveland-Philadelphia in Brazil on the evening of Friday, Sept. 6.”

For the Brazil adventure, the NFL has taken the unusual step of playing a Friday game in Week One. The 2024 NFL season will start with the Super Bowl champion Chiefs playing a home game on Thursday night, then the Brazil game on Friday, followed by the normal slate of Sunday and Monday night games. It’s not a sure thing until the league releases the schedule, but it sounds like Browns-Eagles is the first game that can be penciled into the Week One schedule.

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