Matthew Slater joins Patriots’ staff as Jerod Mayo’s advisor

Jerod Mayo and Matthew Slater were teammates for eight seasons. This season will be their first as coworkers.

Mayo announced Saturday that Slater has joined the Patriots‘ staff to serve as his advisor.

“Yeah, Slate is on the staff, and I am happy about that,” Mayo said, via the team transcript. “You know, we came in together in 2008. Who ever would have thought, I always joke with him, like when we were in that room for rookie minicamp, that he would have a gold jacket one day? And hopefully he does get that gold jacket. But, he is an advisor for me on all things football, and honestly, the things off the field. He is a very smart individual, and I would say we see most things the same way. And at the same time, I know he is a guy that will be honest with me. Once you put the head coach hat on, it is hard to find people that are honest with you.”

Slater, who earned 10 Pro Bowls as a special teams player, retired in February soon after Mayo replaced Bill Belichick as the team’s head coach.

Slater’s special teams knowledge could come in handy as the NFL introduces new kickoff rules this season.

His familiarity with the roster also should serve Mayo and the Patriots well.

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