Lionel Messi's Miami neighbor claims the Argentine 'has earned' him millions with his presence alone

Lionel Messi has boosted the value of properties up to as much as $25m in his local Miami neighborhood simply by existing after purchasing an $11m mansion after relocating from Europe to Florida.

Messi‘s signing with MLS club Inter Miami has undoubtedly created a powershift in the attention of soccer within the United States and from the international audiences, as one of the world’s biggest names catapulted the league into a new waters of marketability.

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After the 36-year-old signed for David Beckham‘s club, he’s also attracted big stars, such as Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba, to the competition and made everything related to him generate millions of dollars for the bank account of not only his team, but the league in general.

Furthermore, the mere presence of the Argentinean in the city of Miami has also benefited the community, making his neighbors earn tens of millions of dollars more due to the valuation gains that ‘La Pulga’ adds to their properties.

A businessman called Patrick Bet David told Vlad TV’s YouTube channel, he lives in the exclusive Bay Colony area and is a neighbor of Lionel Messi, and thanks to the presence of Argentina’s captain, his house is now worth $25 million more.

Messi’s mansion

Lionel Messi bought a property valued at almost $11 million in the Bay Colony neighborhood, which has an extension of 3200 square meters, located in Broward County, a 16-minute drive from Inter Miami‘s stadium, the DRV PNK Stadium.

The property includes nine bedrooms, over nine bathrooms, a swimming pool, a gym, a spa and a three-car garage, and Messi has been making the most of it as he’s been regularly spotted working out with his wife, Antonela Roccuzzo, ahead of the next MLS season.

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