Leo Messi provokes viral reaction from a little fan in El Salvador

Inter Miami is gearing up for its preseason tour and is set to travel to El Salvador for a friendly match against the national team at the Cuscatlan stadium in San Salvador on January 19.

This marks the team’s first game of 2024, and the anticipation in El Salvador is palpable, given the rare opportunity to witness a star-studded team such as Inter Miami, led by the iconic Lionel Messi.

The expectations in the Central American country have soared, with the match against the Salvadoran national team generating immense interest.

The presence of Messi, considered by many as the best player in the history of soccer and the reigning World Cup champion with Argentina, has added to the excitement. The match is already declared ‘sold out,’ and there is no availability for tickets at the Cuscatlan stadium.

To add to the significance of the occasion, the Cuscatlan stadium is undergoing its first-ever renovation, including enhancements such as pedestrian access, security cameras, improvements in dressing rooms, LED fences, and enhancements in lighting and on the field.

An excited Messi fan

The level of excitement surrounding the game has turned it into a national news event. A heartwarming video surfaced on TikTok featuring a Salvadoran girl who received a ticket to attend the match.

In the video posted by Kathy Ramirez (@kthee04), the girl bursts into tears, expressing gratitude towards a woman who is presumably her aunt.

This emotional reaction underscores the immense impact of the match on the local community, especially for young fans such as the girl who idolizes Lionel Messi.

Prior to this video, Kathy Ramirez had shared another clip where the girl receives a gift – an Inter Miami uniform featuring Messi‘s number and name on the back.

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