Kirk “Super Dad” Cousins bringing the Falcons together

Yahoo Sports senior writer Jay Busbee has the latest on Kirk Cousins bringing some serious Dad energy to the Falcons offseason workout program and how it’s bringing the team together.

Video Transcript

Here at Falcons training camp.

They have a new nickname for Kirk.

Cousins Super Dad.

It absolutely fits.

Kyle Pitts called him that after practice on Monday and it’s the perfect nickname for Cousins.

Super Dad doesn’t share the same musical interests as his younger teammates.

He makes movie quotes that they don’t get.

But what Cousins is doing is bringing this team together almost like a family.

Now, he’s doing that by showing them exactly how you survive for 10 plus years in the NFL.

And he’s putting together a team that will in fact challenge for the NFC South title and perhaps a whole lot more.

That’s what Cousins is looking to do here with Atlanta.

And along the way, he’s gonna try and take his team out to Red Lobster just like a good dad would.

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