Jurgen Klopp taunts Americans with USMNT hint on the 4th of July with cryptic message

The United States Men’s National Team is currently seeking for the perfect coach who can lead them to deliver a memorable performance at the FIFA World Cup 2026. Just last Wednesday, former goalie Tim Howard wrote an op-ed for the Daily Mail stating he was willing to seek out Klopp in order to convince him to consider the job. That was just a day before the American Independence Day,which was exactly when Jurgen Klopp posted a congratulatory emssage for all his American fans. As expected, his comment section flooded with pleas to at least consider becoming their national team manager. It should be noted that Klopp is well aware of all the chatter about this possibility, he probably tends to make these messages on every 4th of July but today was a special one given the circumstances.

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If we only take the Instagram post he made today, it’s pretty clear he at least knows what’s going on and this is giving everybody hope. On the Fourth of July, no less. So this is what Klopp wrote on Instagram alongside a picture of him greeting at the stands at Fenway Park. To those who don’t know, the association Klopp has with the Boston Red Sox is that the same Fenway Group that owns the MLB team is the one that owns the Reds. Check out his written message right here: “It’s the perfect day to think about my trips with @liverpoolfc to the States We’ve had a great time & the US fans are electric! Happy 4th of July.”

Could Klopp eventually become the USMNT manager?

right now, there still has been no confirmation tht Jurgen Klopp has been approached by anybody at US Soccer. However, all of that could change overnight as the summer keps going by. There is a good chance that after the team was eliminated from Copa America, all the US Soccer staff is currently taking a small break but they will surely start contacting potential candidates as soon as they return. Either way, this Instagram post from Klopp might be a good indication that they can at least try to approach him and see how willing he is to cut his post-Liverpool break short and get to work with the American team. Could Jurgen Klopp become the USMNT coach soon?

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