Josh Jacobs interview: Already a leader in the Packers locker room

Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz sits down with new Packers RB Josh Jacobs to chat about why he’s already a leader in the Packers locker room, even though he’s the “new guy” and what he’s seen from QB Jordan Love so far at minicamp. Josh joined Yahoo Sports on behalf of USAA’s “Huddle Up for Home Fire Prevention & Safety.”

Video Transcript

Jason Fitz with Yahoo Sports, hanging out with NFL superstar Josh Jacobs Green Bay Packers, he’s joining us on behalf of USA A.

We’ll get to that in a minute.

All right.

One of those guys that you’ve seen up close to everybody’s talking about Jordan love.

You’ve seen him.

What are your first impressions, man?

Oh man, I mean, all, all day, I’ve been getting questions about him and, and I, you know, I try to talk him up as much as I can.

Um I think he’s legit gonna be the next, you know, superstar quarterback in this league.

Um I like the way that he just goes about his business on a day to day, whether it’s in the locker room or in the huddle how he demands that respect and, you know, he comes in as a, as a leader.

Um And you know, he, he’s willing to carry that, that, you know, that captain on, on his chest and he carry the team on his chest.

With that being said, he also has all the ability to really be something special.

I seen him make a throw at practice where he was running to the right and he threw it about 50 yards across his body all the way back to the left side of the field.

And it just kind of look effortless.

And I was like, yeah, that’s what I kinda do.

I was like, yeah, this dude, I just thought it was gonna be good.

That’s amazing.

But it makes me think about leadership.

You just talked about it.

You’re new to this locker room or you’re not new to the league, you’re kind of the senior guy coming into this skill position group.

Like, so how do you find your spot as a leader amongst this when you’re the new guy on the team?

Uh They didn’t make it hard at all.

Yeah, they didn’t make it hard at all.

I mean, when I, when I came in, you know, a lot of the younger guys, they kind of just gravitated towards me.

Um You know, a lot of them, you know, they already respected, you know, the things that I’ve done in this league and um a lot of them, man, believe it or not, they, they want to get better.

So a lot of them have a lot of questions about what it takes or what do I do or how do I do certain things?

And um I think that that’s been the most fun thing coming in just to be able to be around a group of guys.

Um that’s hungry on all sides of the field.

Like the defense every time they see me, the defenders, they just start like doing Duke moves and stuff, like the stuff that we were doing at practice that I uh got a couple of guys on they like, yeah, bro, we, we gonna be some serious this year.

You’ve been holding the standard on the field and off the field, you do a ton for the community.

Tell everybody what you’re doing with USA.

A Yeah.

So today our partners were USA A and um Milwaukee fire department uh for huddle up and for home and fire protection and safety.

And uh man, it was fun and I came out here and learned how to basically put out a fire, grill caught on fire, you know, grill grilling in the summer um in the US where especially the Midwest, it’s like 10,000 cases, uh over 10,000 cases a year um of fires and stuff like that to happen.

So just educating the community about how to do uh have fun but, you know, be, be smart and be protected of yourself and you know, um what to do and what not to do when it comes to fire and when it comes to grilling, um with that being said, they let me put out the fire.

Uh So how did you do?

How did you do?

It was good.

I got to take the fire extinguisher and, um, you know, put out the fire.

They, they told me how to like basically walk it down like I had to walk in, into the fire and then walk back.

Um cause they, you never supposed to turn your back to the fire.

Um So man, it was just fun.

It was a fun experience.

I loved it.

They gave me this cool he helmet has my name on.

You see I had it all.

I had it on earlier.

Look at that, look at this is dope.

I’m gonna keep, keep that for so with that in my man cave.

But yeah, man, it’s been a, it’s been a uh fun experience, man.

I’m, I’m definitely happy to be here.

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