Josh Jacobs apologizes for “misinformed” statement about wearing green in Brazil

Packers running back Josh Jacobs has apologized for spreading misinformation about the NFL’s preparations for the Week One Packers-Eagles game in Brazil.

Jacobs said on Chris Long‘s podcast that players weren’t supposed to wear green while they’re in Brazil, as a safety precaution because it’s a color associated with violent gangs. The NFL has said that is inaccurate, and now Jacobs has acknowledged as much.

“Damn I was misinformed,” Jacobs wrote on Instagram. “Sorry Brazil see you soon.”

The misinformation apparently stemmed from the game’s venue, Arena Corinthians in São Paulo, where the home soccer team Corinthians tells its players not to wear the color green because it’s worn by rival Palmeiras. But it doesn’t apply to American football teams playing in the stadium, and there will be plenty of green on the field and in the stands for the Packers-Eagles game on September 6.

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