Josh Allen on why it’s still ‘Super Bowl or bust’ for the Bills

Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz connected with the Buffalo Bills quarterback to discuss his preparations for the upcoming season without Stefon Diggs and what it means for the team’s expectations. Josh joined Yahoo Sports on behalf of Gatorade.

Video Transcript

Jason Fitz from Yahoo Sports, hanging out with Bill superstar, Josh Allen joining us on behalf of Gatorade.

The is it in you campaign?

Which I’m wildly excited about.

We’ll get to that in a second but first, Josh gotta talk a little bit of football OTAs going on.

Let’s be real here.

Stan Digg is no longer part of the team and that has led to this real narrative that’s loud that the Bills are going to take a step back this year.

Feels like there’s a conversation about Windows.

Do you guys feel any Super Bowl window pressure internally?

No, I mean, I think that’s our, our mindset though.

Every time we step on the field every, every year is in our opinion, is Super Bowl or bust and anything that you do from here on out, you know, it has to be in hopes of winning a Super Bowl.

You know, every time we step on the field, every time we step in our facility and frankly, every time you’re off field and you’re representing the Buffalo Bills as an organization, everything that you’re doing is ultimately leading up to win a Super Bowl.

So, um obviously, adding a lot of new faces and a lot of new pieces on both sides of the football.

Um, we’ve gotten quite a bit younger, which, you know, is a, is an opportunity in my opinion, to be a leader and to develop some of these young guys and bring them into our system.

And I think coach mcdermott and Coach Bean have a plan of what they want in this building and, uh, you know, we’re just trying to follow it and put together a team right now.

Does it put more pressure on you though as a quarterback?

No, I don’t think so.

I think, uh, coming out and again, being the best, uh, the best quarterback that I could be the best teammate, best leader that I can be.

And, uh, every year it kind of changes and you wear different hats as the quarterback and, um, this year is no different.

You know, it’s, it’s a lot of different hats.

It’s bringing some young guys.

It’s making sure that I’m on the same page with coach, um, not just mcdermott, but Coach Brady, um, and then some other vets in the locker room making sure that the messaging that we’re delivering to some of the younger guys is, uh, very, you know, parallel to what, what we’re all thinking and again, everything that we’re doing is to try to win a championship here.

All right.

So tell everybody what you’re doing with Gatorade.

Yeah, so we’re bringing back the is it in you campaign?

You know, obviously, uh the one of the more iconic things Gatorade’s ever done.

Um And Michael Jordan is, is kind of being a part of the release and he’s the one that kind of is heading this.

So to be a part of that with some of the names that I’m I’m with here, it’s a very surreal feeling, you know, obviously, Gatorade is one of the, the more premier brands in all of sports and it’s an athletic beverage, but they’ve, they’ve been there before.

I even knew it.

Like as a kid, Gatorade was always something that II I was drinking, um, on the sidelines, off the field and, uh, I just remember as a kid seeing, you know, seeing that campaign and seeing the colored sweat and, um, I’m such a big Michael Jordan fan, you know, still, I think he’s the, the best to ever play the game and to be involved in something like this with him.

That’s, I mean, I, I can’t say enough about it and thank Gatorade enough for allowing me to be a part of something so cool.

Josh, I’m gonna give you a hot take here because like, look, I’m a Gatorade fanatic.

We are all Gatorade Fed Action.

We all love it, right?

But here’s the thing, the original flavor just gets slept on.

Like if, if we’re gonna have like the lebron versus MJ debate of Flavors of Gatorade I’m just saying there would be no every other flavor if it wasn’t for original lemon lime, I just don’t think it gets enough love.

That’s all I’m saying.

I’m with you.

I’m a lemon lime guy myself.

That’s, that’s my go to look at that, that we’re, we’re one step closer to having a secret handshake ourselves.

Check the campaign out, Josh.

Appreciate your time, man.

Thanks for hanging out with me.

Thank you, Jason.

Appreciate you.

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