Jonas Griffith: Broncos are going to surprise people this season

The Broncos are heading into their second season with head coach Sean Payton and one member of the defense thinks it will be a better year.

Linebacker Jonas Griffith said on Denver Sports 104.3 The Fan this week that he senses a higher comfort level from Payton as the team moves toward the 2024 season. Griffith believes that comfort level is tied to Payton’s belief in what the team is capable of doing on the field and he said that he shares the coach’s expectations for how things will go in the fall.

“I think he’s very confident in the team this year,” Griffith said. “We’re going to surprise a lot of people. He talks about it a lot to us, too. He’s like, Hey, you know — real comfortable with the guys this year. And we’re ready to go. Got a lot of work to do still, but we’re ready.”

Griffith wasn’t able to help the Broncos on the field last year as he was sidelined by a torn ACL in August. His return should help the defense’s bid to make Payton a winner in Denver this time around.

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