Jesse Marsch takes merciless jab at USMNT and Berhalter: Do you want the job?

The USMNT did not make it past the group stage in the Copa America, despite being favored to win their group and playing as the host nation.

This disappointing outcome reflects the ongoing challenges that USMNT fans have come to expect after years of mediocrity and underperformance.

Copa America 2024: USA and Mexico fail in group stage before hosting 2026 World CupNacho Garcia

Various factors contributed to the team’s failure to advance. While poor refereeing decisions, including a controversial red card against Panama, played a part, the team’s inability to score goals and secure wins was the primary issue.

As a result, the USMNT is now out of the tournament, and an investigation is underway to assess whether head coach Gregg Berhalter should continue in his role.

What did Jesse Marsch say?

Current Canadian men’s national team manager and former USMNT player Jesse Marsch shared his thoughts on the USMNT’s performance. Though his primary focus is on the Canadian team, Marsch expressed his disappointment as an American and a former player.

“I would love to say I’m just focused on what we’re doing here in Canada, but obviously, I’m paying attention, as always, to the US men’s national team and like you, I’m sad,” Marsch declared.

“I’m disappointed by the performances, by the lack of discipline.

“There’s a lot of things that I think we’ve tried to be about, about the game in the US, and we’ve always believed in this group of players.

“Because I’m not there every day, I don’t have my finger on the pulse of exactly what’s going on but, certainly, it’s not what we had expected before this tournament, and somehow, they’ve got to come up with solutions.”

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