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Yahoo Sports NFL analyst Nate Tice, fantasy analyst Matt Harmon, and NFL writer Charles McDonald debate whether Trevor Lawrence is living up to his hype or if his expectations were too unobtainable. Hear the full conversation on the “Zero Blitz” podcast – and subscribe on , or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript

Trevor Lawrence got paid a lot of money, got a lot of money and I think it’s justified.

But Matt, what do you think about Trevor Lawrence?

Where is he at now?

Fancy wise, real life wise.

What do you think about Trevor Lawrence getting paid and, and just all your feelings, let’s get him all out there.

He, he’s an above average starting quarterback and, and a guy that I think you can, if he continues to develop that, that’s my thing with him is that I think you see, you do see high end flashes, I think you see a pretty consistent like issues too.

Like I think he speeds up way too much.

He gets, he kind of gets hurried in the pocket, he’s turnover prone.

We know that part of it.

But, um, I look at him and see like still a bit of an incomplete player but somebody that I, I think still has that room to grow, like I can see him correcting some of these issues and then we’re talking about maybe a guy that is a clear cut.

Everybody says a top 10 quarterback, Trevor for me as someone that’s like I enjoy watching him play just because he does so many kind of little quarterback things that, that that’s what I love handle protections.

He moves in the pocket.

I think he’s exceptionally accurate.

Uh willing, like Charles said, willing to take shots, willing to try stuff.

And that’s what I think is what you need to get a top six, top eight guy.

You need a guy that’s gonna try some things.

Uh for me, it’s like I my original comparison for him coming out of college and I was super high on him was super charge Matt Ryan.

And that’s what I just, I watch him and I’m like, yeah, that’s, that’s how I feel about him.

A better scrambler, a better mover than Matt, but just that accurate guides willing to pepper over the middle kind of work.

All things, the deep ball can kind of fade on him a little bit.

But he like when he’s on time, he can nail it.

So it, it’s frustrating for me because he does a lot of the little things, but he’s hyped up as you know, the prince who was promised the number one guy.

Sometimes that people don’t want you to hit singles where I’m at with Trevor, he’s younger than Will Levis, which I have to check every single time I say that I even checked right now.

He’s younger than him.

He scrambles, he’s athletic, he tries to do the right thing at a, at a young age.

I’m still betting on him and that’s why, like, it’s like we already talked about the contract stuff.

It’s the price of doing business.

It’s like that’s, of course he got paid that.

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