Is Benzema set to leave Saudi Arabia?

Karim Benzema arrived happily in Saudi Arabia after his departure from Real Madrid. The French player was eager to start a new adventure in a culture that was particularly different from the one he had experienced at the white club. Karim’s first few months went smoothly: goals, leadership, excellent fitness. But it all went up in smoke quite quickly and, in Saudi Arabia, there is drama emerging as they claim that the striker has left Jeddah.

It all started with the resounding defeat of his club against Al-Nassr. Many fans attacked their star and his response was to close his personal social media accounts, in particular Instagram. This is not the first time he has made this kind of decision. Upon his departure from Real Madrid, he also unfollowed Los Blancos in the virtual world.

The French striker is the main target of Al-Ittihad fans for two reasons: the investment the club made to bring in the Ballon d’Or player at the time and his personal statistics are far from what was expected of a player of his stature. This downturn has had a considerable impact on the team’s chances, who are now in 6th place in the league and has lost three consecutive games.

Karim Benzema has reportedly left Jeddah for no apparent reason

The situation has worsened in recent hours, as according to the Saudi media Al-Riyadiya, Karim has not trained on Thursday and Friday and was out of next Saturday’s call-up for the match against Al-Ta (16:00). In addition, the same media claims that Benzema has left Jeddah for no apparent reason and with total ignorance of whether his return will take place.

Fortunately for the aspirations of Benzema and Al-Ittihad, this afternoon’s match, in which Karim was not going to be called up, as he is not in town, has been postponed to next Wednesday at 15:00 due to heavy rain. It is not known if the No.9 will be in the squad for Marcelo Gallardo‘s team by then.

With 20 games played, in which he has scored 12 goals and five assists, Karim is going through his most complicated hours since leaving Real Madrid. The Saudi Arabian country has turned against him, the club understands that the investment made has not been returned in the form of performance and the fans have Hamdallah as their new idol. Will Gallardo be able to reverse the situation or is this the end of Karim in Arabia

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