Here’s how much rest the Bears will receive this season compared to other teams: Report

Here’s how much rest the Bears will receive this season compared to other teams: Report originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

All 32 teams released their official 2024 regular season schedules exactly one week ago.

The Bears have a particularly interesting one. Most notably, they won’t endure a division matchup until Week 11 against the Packers. They have three prime-time games, not including their Thanksgiving and London games.

But how much rest will they have compared to the rest of the league?

Analytics expert Warren Sharp projects the Bears will net five positive days of rest in contrast to their opponents next season. Net rest is “total days of extra rest vs a team’s opponents over the course of the season,” according to Sharp.

The Ravens are earning a league-leading 16 days of positive net rest; they lead second-place teams by four extra days of rest, according to Sharp. On the other side of the spectrum, the 49ers are losing three weeks of rest in comparison to their opponents. Yikes.

If you’re curious about the distance the Bears will travel in the 2024 regular season, they’re in the middle of the pack in that category, also. They’ll travel just south of 20,000 miles, good for 15th in the NFL.

Overall, the schedule is favorable in the first half for the Bears. They’ll face reasonably easy opponents in the Titans, Panthers, Commanders, Patriots and Cardinals.

Their last eight weeks, however, are quite daunting. In this order, they’ll take on the Packers, Vikings, Lions, 49ers, Vikings (again), Lioins (again), Seahawks and Packers (again).

But, hey, they should be well-rested for the majority of the season.

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