Giants’ meeting with Russell Wilson included no guarantee he’d play over Daniel Jones

Russell Wilson‘s decision to sign with the Steelers came after a meeting with the Giants in which Wilson received no guarantee that he would play ahead of Daniel Jones if he signed there.

That’s the word from, which reports that the Giants didn’t make any promises about playing time in their meeting with Wilson, which took place before Wilson’s meeting with the Steelers.

With the Steelers, Wilson was promptly installed as the No. 1 quarterback when the team traded away Kenny Pickett. Although the Steelers did then trade for Justin Fields, they’ve put out words that Fields will be Wilson’s backup.

The Giants signed Drew Lock, who said at his introductory press conference that he was told Jones is the starter.

Both Wilson and Jones could, of course, be benched during the season. The Steelers have made only a one-year commitment to Wilson, and the Giants will be ready to move on from Jones if he plays as poorly to start this year as he did last year. But right now, the Steelers’ starting job is Wilson’s, and it’s a job he took after he was told the Giants’ starting job belongs to Jones.

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