England soccer fans warned of potential terror attack at Euro 2024

The world was stunned when ISIS-K agents massacred Russian citizens in Moscow, murdering 143 people after attacking a concert hall in the capital city and that has resonated through Europe to Germany, the host of the 2024 European Championship, who have warned an attack is possible this summer.

The tournament kicks off on June 14 and will conclude with the final on July 14, and as a result the German government are taking big precautions according to the German Interior Minister, Nancy Faeser.

Angry soccer fans in Italy burned down their rival’s stadium

“One thing can be said for sure – the dangers have reached a new level,” Faeser said to media. “We are pooling the forces of the security authorities even more strongly for the Euros and are preparing for all possible dangers.

“This is necessary to protect this major international event in the best possible way. The security of the tournament is paramount.

“The state is arming itself even more strongly against all current threats. This ranges from protection against Islamists and other potential violent criminals to the security of our networks against cyber attacks.”

England fans in particular will face extra protection due to the United Kingdom‘s fundamental ideological opposition to ISIS and regular military attacks and strikes on the terror cell.

In order to help protect fans and players, British Police will be present in Berlin and around the nation whilst water-tight security will be in place at the borders, which will be temporarily closed, and training camps.

Safety is especially concerned about armed Islamists getting into the country and Russian agents sneaking in disguised as Ukrainians attempting to flee the war into the European Union and NATO.

Could Russia disrupt the event?

Germany will host 23 nations in the famous competition, widely regarded as the second most prestigious tournament in international soccer after the FIFA World Cup, with 51 games being played in total.

But Russia might be highly bitter for a couple of reasons. They have been banned from the competition due to their invasion of Ukraine in 2022, whilst Ukraine have actually qualified for the event.

They could also take it personally if Europe is seen celebrating itself directly after the bloodshed on the Kremlin’s doorstep, so Russia, viewed as cyber-warfare experts, could bid to interrupt the contest.

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