Emmanuel Macron again interferes in Mbappe's move to Real Madrid

Emmanuel Macron, 25th president of the Republic of France, launched a clear message to the future team of Kylian Mbappe, who finishes his contract with PSG and everybody in France hopes that his new club – which will be Real Madrid – will allow him to play the Olympic Games.

“I really hope that all European clubs will release their players, as French clubs have done, that’s the Olympic spirit,” said Emmanuel Macron in an interview with ‘La Tribune Dimanche’.

“I met Mbappe‘s father last week and asked him the question. He told me: ‘He wants to play them’ (the Olympics),” the French president noted.

Mbappe recently stated that “my position has not changed, but the truth is that I am not thinking about the Olympics. I’m focused on the present and the present is now about PSG.”

Mbappe and Real Madrid have a closed and signed agreement whereby from July 1 the French striker will become a brand new player of the white team.

Emmanuel Macron torpedoed Mbappe’s signing for Real Madrid in 2022.

In 2022, Macron interfered so that Mbappe did not leave PSG to join Real Madrid.

“I never imagined that I was going to talk to the president (Macron) about my future, about the future of my career, so it’s kind of crazy, really kind of crazy. He told me, ‘I want you to stay. I don’t want you to leave now. You are very important for the country,'” Mbappe himself confirmed in the New York Times.

“You have time to go, you can stay another little bit,” Macron told the still PSG footballer.

“When the president tells you that, that counts,” Mbappe acknowledged.

Real Madrid have made their position clear on the Olympics

Angel Rodriguez reported in MARCA that Real Madrid has already made clear its position on the loan of its players to play in the Olympic Games, sending a letter to the French Football Federation stating that it would not allow its international players to attend the Olympic Games.

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