Dani Alves won't be released from jail today after Neymar's father failed to raise one million euro bail

The recent developments surrounding Dani Alves‘ potential release from prison have caught significant media attention across the country.

The Barcelona Court had decided on a bail of one million euros for the release of the former football icon, sparking wide interest particularly due to Neymar‘s father’s involvement in attempting to gather this substantial sum.

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This is not the first instance Neymar’s father has been linked to financial dealings related to Alves; previously, he was instrumental in collecting 150,000 euros intended as compensation for the victim involved in Alves’ case.

Despite the court setting a clear deadline of 2:30 pm local time for the bail to be posted, the required amount was not raised in time, putting a pause on Alves‘ release process.

Alves has spent 14 months in Brians 2 prison, with expectations of his release being high among his legal team and supporters.

His lawyer, Ines Guardiola, had preemptively collected Alves‘ Spanish and Brazilian passports to submit to the court, aiming to mitigate the risk of Alves fleeing to Brazil, a country that does not share an extradition treaty with Spain and could potentially offer him refuge.

Barcelona judge refused to grant freedom to Dani Alves

Amidst these developments, a notable division among the judges at the Barcelona High Court came to light. Judge Luis Balesta cast a dissenting vote against the majority decision for Alves’ provisional release.

Citing concerns over Alves‘ financial capability and the lack of an extradition framework between Spain and Brazil, Balesta argued for extending Alves‘ custody to half of the initially imposed sentence, equating to 2 years and 3 months of imprisonment.

This divergence among the judges underscores the complexity and controversial nature of Alves’ legal situation, reflecting the broader debate on justice, flight risk, and the treatment of high-profile individuals in legal systems.

As this case continues to develop, it remains a focal point of public and media scrutiny, emblematic of the challenges in balancing legal procedures, public interest, and individual rights.

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