Dani Alves to face justice again in a new case in Brazil

Dani Alves is on the street after paying one million euros bail to obtain provisional freedom after the trial he faced for a sexual assault case and for which he was sentenced to four and a half years in prison. After a tough court battle in which Ines Guardiola, his last lawyer, has managed to avoid his continuity in prison, a new court case appears on the horizon for the Brazilian.

In the coming weeks he will have to face the Brazilian justice system for a case of plagiarism. According to media reports from the South American country, composers Giuliano Matheus and Thiago Matheus have denounced the former soccer player for a song he published a few years ago. It is ‘Aviao’, a song he wrote as part of a UN project to combat disinformation in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Other musical artists such as Carlinhos Brown, Fabio Jr., Nando Reis, Sandra de Sa and Roberta Miranda participated in this work, led by Alves. The two plaintiffs claim that the former soccer player “fraudulently excluded the names of the real creators”.

An accusation that is even more serious, since they point out that “the UN used a work of false authorship” in a campaign in which, precisely, it was fighting to put an end to false news about the pandemic.

“The work was designed solely and exclusively by Daniel Alves“.

Giuliano Matheus has commented that Alves invited him in 2016 to travel to Europe, as he was interested in entering the world of music. A few months later, the artist showed him ‘Aviao’, which was a song dedicated to his grandfather.

A theme that the Brazilian loved, although he was willing to introduce some variations, as the Court has now pointed out through a report.

However, this fact is denied by the defense of Dani Alves: “The work was designed solely and exclusively by Alves. The lyrics of the song ‘Aviao’ are not even remotely related to a tribute to someone’s grandfather. They want to enrich themselves illicitly”.

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