Dana White has a “lapsus Brutus” and makes ridiculous claim about Real Madrid

In a recent podcast appearance, UFC chief Dana White made bold claims about the burgeoning popularity of his brainchild, the Power Slap League. White’s assertion that Power Slap is outstripping the fanbase of major sporting giants like Real Madrid has sparked both curiosity and skepticism within the sports community.

The roots of Power Slap’s rise can be traced back to the “Road to the Title” series, which gained traction on the TBS network in the United States in 2023. While the initial season garnered a respectable 250,000 viewers, it faced stiff competition from wrestling juggernauts like “AEW Dynamite.” Despite a subsequent season, the series failed to secure renewal from TBS. However, since March of the preceding year, Power Slap has hosted seven events, with an eighth slated for June.

Dana White takes offense to being called Joe Rogan in awkward podcast interview

White‘s confidence in Power Slap’s ascent was evident during his podcast discussion with Andrew Schulz. He boldly claimed that the league boasts a larger following than any other professional sport or team, including Real Madrid. When pressed to clarify, White remained steadfast, asserting Power Slap’s dominance.

However, this assertion met with some skepticism, particularly on social media platforms. Observers pointed out the stark difference in follower counts between Power Slap’s official page and Real Madrid’s, with the latter boasting millions more followers. Despite this, White reiterated his stance on Power Slap’s social media prowess, emphasizing its global reach and burgeoning sponsorship deals.

Can Slap Fighting be considered a sport?

Responding to critics who question the legitimacy of slap fighting as a sport, White remained resolute. He highlighted the distinct nature of Power Slap, where fighters endure three-to-five slaps per event compared to the hundreds of punches in traditional boxing matches. White’s stance remains unwavering: if you don’t appreciate it, don’t watch it.

As Power Slap continues to carve its niche in the combat sports landscape, White’s unwavering confidence and bold claims serve as a testament to the league’s ambitions. While the road ahead may be paved with challenges and skepticism, Power Slap remains poised to make waves in the realm of sports entertainment.

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